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Even though the Litomyšl Sokol Union doesn’t operate the cinema, the Sokol Cinema has, however, undergone ornate reconstruction and received modern equipment even while under administration by the city. Built in 1922, the building (which used to house a puppet theater, among other things) was reconstructed in the 1970s by the architect and designer Jaroslav Šusta. For the interior, he designed atypical furniture, doors, wall paneling, and even small details – such as hooks, handrails, and other fittings. Despite the modernization, the cinema has been trying to maintain its original appearance up to the present day.

The auditorium has a capacity of 175 seats, and it features a screen that’s 7 by 3 meters and a 7.1 surround sound system by QSC. It’s equipped with an active 3D system (including active 3D glasses) for projecting 3D films and has satellite equipment that makes it possible to transmit cultural and sporting events directly.

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