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A Night at the Chateau in Nové Hrady – Il Farnace

The Rococo Chateau of Nové Hrady

June 2022
23. June 2022

The 10th Anniversary of the Festival Stagione in the enchanting setting of the Rococo château of Nové Hrady. Period entertainment, music, dance, and an interpretation of the opera Il Farnace by Antonio Vivaldi.

“Vivaldi’s opera was presented on many European stages during the first third of the 18th century, with five different versions of the libretto from these performances having been preserved. Similarly, we have multiple versions of the score; unfortunately, however, none are from the premiere in Venice. For our production, we started with the score that was created for the presentation of Il Farnace in Pavia and Ferrara.”

Marek Štryncl

Antonio Vivaldi

Il Farnace RV 711

Opera in three acts for the Carnival of Venice. Libretto by Antonio Maria Lucchini.

Premiered: 10 February 1727 in Venice, 1730 in Prague. Modern premiere on 17 July 2021 in Prague.


venue / The Rococo Chateau of Nové Hrady

A unique Rococo château surrounded by more than ten types of gardens.

More on venue The Rococo château of Nové Hrady

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Megyesi Zoltán
Levicová Horáková Jana 
Šrůmová Michaela 
Čmugrová Sylva 
Kopřivová Zuzana
Mazalová Kamila 
Javorský Martin
Konrádová Romana
Breeding Lenka
Musica Florea
Štryncl Marek
1.800 CZK flat ticket price


presale from 27th 4.

Without Intermission Estimated end at midnight  


about the event


Farnace / Zoltán Megyesi Tamiri / Jana Levicová Berenice / Michaela Šrůmová Selinda / Sylva Čmugrová Gilade / Zuzana Kopřivová Pompeo / Kamila Mazalová Aquilio / Martin Javorský            dance roles Romana Konrádová, Lenka Breeding, Klára Suldovská Musica Florea ConductorMarek Štryncl Set and stage designVáclav Krajc, Jiří Bláha Costumes Christopher Vinz Production Ondřej Štajnochr DirectorAndrea Miltnerová

frequently asked questions

In Case of Bad Weather…
If it rains, we’ll move the program to the château granary. This is a little less than 100 meters from the amphitheater.

Disability Cards
Unfortunately, it’s not possible for disability card holders to receive a discount. During the evening at Nové Hrady, guests move through the château using staircases and navigate the château gardens via lawns and unpaved paths. For this reason, we cannot offer handicap accessible seats for this program. If the performance is moved to the château granary, it will be necessary to go up relatively steep historical stairs to the fourth floor.

How Does the Evening Unfold?
With only slight exaggeration, we can say that the Kučeras, the married couple who own the château, are inviting you to their home for a Baroque soiree. In addition to a personal welcome, this includes a homemade feast by Mrs. Kučera (including venison dishes using Mr. Kučera’s fallow deer), a tour of the château household, and a leisurely stroll through the château grounds, where short performances have been prepared at various locations. Afterward, this whole exciting evening culminates with an opera performance.

Transportation to Nové Hrady
Visitors arriving in their own car have the option of parking in the parking lot directly in front of the château. If you opt to use the Festival bus, it will pick you up at the monument to Bedřich Smetana on Litomyšl’s Smetanovo Náměstí Square at 7 p.m. When entering the bus, it’s necessary to show your tickets to the performance. (The same bus will bring you back to Litomyšl after the performance.)

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