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June 2022
17. June 2022

You all know them. West Side Story, Evita, Cats, Edith and Marlene, Jesus Christ Superstar, Rebecca, The Producers… They have premiered in the world’s most famous musical theatres – and many of their tunes have become immortal. This concert is a cross-section of the past decade of the NDM musical ensemble.

“If you take life as a musical, then it’s sort of all right. “

Vladimír Renčín


venue / Castle Courtyard

Each year, this courtyard, with its excellent acoustics and open arcades reminiscent of theater boxes, turns into a concert hall under the stars.

More on venue The Castle Courtyard

Festival catalogue

A catalogue with all program details, Litomyšl tour guide with tourist tips how to get the most from your festival visit.

Collect your order at the entrance from our ushers upon your voucher.


Intermission table

Private table with sparkling wine and refreshments.

Served in castle garden nearby during intermissions or before the show.

A / Bohemia Sekt Prestige Demi sec

B / Bohemia Sekt Prestige Brut




Programme booklet of a show

Collect your programme at the entrance from our ushers upon your voucher.


Shuttle service

To all festival ticket holders we offer free transports from/to their accommodation facility outside the town of Litomyšl in distance up to 20 km, and from the train station in Česká Třebová.

Savka Tomáš
Fialová Hana
Janečková Patricia 
Vlček Lukáš
Novotný Tomáš
Gidová Veronika Prášil
Jungová Soňa
Gabrišová Andrea
Horká Michaela
Harok Roman 
Čiernik Juraj
Živnůstka Adam
Krpec Tomáš
Rusnák Jaroslav 
Národní divadlo moravskoslezské
Žídek Jakub
790 / 890 / 990 / 1.290 CZK 50% discount for health disability cards holders


presale from 27th 4.

1 Intermission Estimated end of the concert at 10.30 p.m. The programme uses a sound system


about the event


Tomáš Savka (Thalia for the role of Che in the musical Evita) • Hana Fialová (Thalia for the role of Edith Piaf in the musical Edith and Marlene) • Patricia Janečková • Lukáš Vlček Tomáš NovotnýVeronika Prášil GidováSoňa JungováAndrea GabrišováMichaela HorkáRoman HarokJuraj ČiernikLukáš AdamAdam ŽivnůstkaTomáš KrpecJaroslav Rusnák   Company of the NDM musical ensemble Orchestra of the NDM musical ensemble NDM ballet ensemble Dramaturgy Michael Prostějovský, Hana Nováková, Jakub Žídek Choirmaster Martina Juriková Choreography Lenka Dřímalová and excerpts from original productions Directed by Gabriela Petráková Conductor Jakub Žídek

frequently asked questions

Bad Weather…
The performance takes place outdoors. If the usually pleasant summer skies aren’t obliging, an awning will take a few minutes to silently roll into place over the heads of the audience. Therefore, the performance will go ahead even if it rains. A few raindrops may fall in spots in Section C, which is why tickets for this section are sold for a discounted price.

We want do everything possible to make things easy for people in wheelchairs. Therefore, to purchase tickets, please contact Jitka at or +420 602 457 338.

Tour of Smetana’s Birthplace
It’s almost as if intermission was created just for visiting Smetana’s birthplace, as it’s directly on the grounds.

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