June 2023
25. June 2023

This famous drama is an unconventional “reconstruction“ of one of the public lessons of singing given by the famous soprano Maria Callas to selected students at New York’s Juilliard School in the early 1970s. An outstanding woman, an excellent artist, an opera diva who experienced the very top as well as a fall to the very bottom…


venue / Smetana House

Little Smetana gave his first concert in the summer palace in whose place now stands the city’s Neo-Renaissance cultural center.

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Dagmar  Pecková
Maria Callas
Malvína Pachlová
Sophie de Palma
Jarmila Vlčková
Sophie de Palma
Veronika Bajerová
Sharon Grahamová
Zdeněk Dočekal
Matěj Vejdělek
Ivo Theimer
Petr Mikeska
Anthony Candolino
Municipal Theater Mladá Boleslav
290 / 390 / 490 CZK
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presale from 27th 4.

No intermission 
Estimated end at 9.30 p.m.



Maria Callas Dagmar Pecková 
Sophie de Palma Malvína Pachlová / Jarmila Vlčková 
Sharon Grahamová – Veronika Bajerová
Anthony Candolino – Petr Mikeska
Pianist – Zdeněk Dočekal
Technician Matěj Vejdělek / Ivo Theimer 
Municipal Theater Mladá Boleslav 
Director Petr Mikeska

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