Information On Ticket Refunds

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Tickets cannot be returned.

Purchased tickets can’t be returned nor changed.


If less than 20 minutes of a planned performance takes place, ticket holders have the right to receive a refund for the full price of their ticket.

The show has been cancelled or soon to be discontinued. How to proceed?

You may claim your tickets refund only at the spot they have been purchased.

Tickets paid by bank transfer or by card-in-distance will be automaticaly refunded within 30 days after the show was canceled.

What if I get sick or I bought the tickets by accident...?

You may offer your tickets by yourself at the spot or you can put your tickets to be offered by our Festival centre for no extra charge. Please ring +420 461 616 070, we might be able to help you even sooner, especially if tickets are for a sold-out show.

We are happy to answer any of your questions. Please ask Míša:

Michaela Holásková

festival centre
+420 461 616 070

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