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Dining at the Festival

dinner without glancing at your watch

let yourself be served directly on the castle grounds

Right before performances that take place in the second castle courtyard, you are able to dine directly on the Festival grounds. This way, you can save yourself the hassle of having to find a spot at one of Litomyšl’s overflowing restaurants, you’re guaranteed to make it to the beginning of the performance on time, and you can add a gastronomical experience in the exceptional environment of the first castle courtyard to your cultural evening. 


this year’s menu:

9.–23. june: 

Menu A, price 1645 Kč

  • Onion soup, Gruyère cheese
  • Coq au Vin, herb spaetzle, mushrooms with bacon, pidkled onions
  • Salted caramel choux, vanila sauce, fresh fruit

Menu B, price 1645 Kč

  • Cold pea soup with mint and lemon, cream mousse, sour peas
  • Buckwheat risotto with asparagus, Parmesan cheese, pickled asparagus,toasted pine nuts
  • Strawberry and rhubarb crumnle, vanilla ice cream

Menu C, price 1645 Kč

  • Baked gyoza dumplings with chicen and prawns, ponzu sauce, faba beans, bamboo sprouts
  • Griled codfish, roasted fennel, fennel purée with wasabi, bisque sauce
  • Cream tapioca with coconut milk and lychee

The menu also includes wine from the Vinofol winery, coffee, water, bread and Amuse Bouche

24. june–5.july: 

Menu A, price 1645 Kč

  • Chicken broth, herb dumpling, sautéed hearts, herbs
  • Sous-vide veal sirloin, sage sauce, potatoes au gratin, ham crisps, buttered vegetables
  • Chocolate cake with tangerines and seaberries

Menu B, price 1645 Kč

  • Marinated tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, grissiny, basil mayo, sesoned tomato water
  • Italian truffle risotto with roasted cauliflower, agrula, Parmesan cheese
  • Pistachio Crème brûlée, nut crumble, vanilla ice cream

Menu C, price 1645 Kč

  • Cream fish soup with dill, compressed fennel, trout caviar
  • Roasted see bass, potato purée, buttered wild broccoli shallot beuree blanc sauce with herb oil
  • Lime panna cotta, citrus wedges, lemon sorbet

The menu also includes wine from the Vinofol winery, coffee, water, bread and Amuse bouche

hotel Aplaus

Bohém Restaurant
+420 461 614 901

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