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How do I become a benefactor to Smetana’s Litomyšl?

Simply by contacting Barbora Krejčí by telephone (+420 724 063 039) or email ( In the email, provide the information necessary to finalize a donation contract (full name, permanent address, date of birth or your company’s ID no., and the amount to be donated). You’ll be immediately sent a donation contract proposal, and after providing your consent, a physical copy of the contract will be sent to you for your signature.

You become a patron of Smetana’s Litomyšl the moment your donation is credited to the account.

Is it possible to deduct the donated amount from my taxes?

Yes. For natural persons, this is valid according to Article 15(1) of Directive 586/1992 Coll. on income taxation as currently applicable; for legal entities, Article 20(8) of the same directive applies.

According to Article 15, it’s possible to deduct a donation that is a minimum of CZK 1000 or 2% of the tax base from a natural person’s tax base. It’s possible to deduct a maximum of 15% of the tax base using this method (valid as of January 2015).

According to Article 20, it’s possible to deduct a donation with a minimum amount of CZK 2000 that is no more than 10% of the tax base from the tax base of a legal entity (valid as of January 2015).

What is VIP service?

VIP guests are identified on their entry ticket by means of a special QR code. An hour before the performance and during intermission, they can use the services of the VIP Center, where light refreshments and restrooms are available. In VIP areas, patrons also have the unique opportunity of meeting honored festival guests. Parking for one vehicle next to the castle grounds is also included in the VIP QR code. The usual price for VIP service is a fee of CZK 800 per ticket; we offer VIP service to patrons for free according to the amount of their donation.


VIP service is offered only for performances taking place in the second castle courtyard.

What is the difference between VIP service and a reception?

After certain performances, there will be a social gathering – a reception. These receptions are held in the name of a sponsor, specifically the sponsor of the respective performance. To enter the area where this social gathering is being held, it’s necessary to show an invitation or other QR code on a ticket. Receptions can be seen as an upgrade to VIP tickets; together with VIP service, they usually cost a fee of CZK 2500 on top of the basic ticket price. We offer reception invitations to patrons for free according to the price of their donation.


Social gatherings tend to be held only in conjunction with performances taking place in the second castle courtyard; however, they do not take place after all of these performances. The reception dates are definitively decided over the course of May.

How do I make a priority ticket order?

General advance sales for tickets to Smetana’s Litomyšl always begin on the first Wednesday in March. It’s our goal to provide patrons with an advantage of at least one week; patrons are informed in time of the specific dates. Please send orders by email to Write the name and date of the performance in your order as well as the number of tickets requested and the selected price category. Please respect the quantity limits for priority purchase. It’s possible to discuss the means of ticket pickup and the method of payment on an individual basis.


Orders sent after the deadline may not be provided in their entirety by the organizer!

Does my name need to be listed somewhere?

It does not. When entering into a donation contract, we always ask the sponsor whether they wish to list their name. We completely respect their wishes.

When do I receive printed matter and tickets from the festival?

Ticket pickup is decided on an individual basis. They can be sent electronically, picked up in person at the Smetana’s Litomyšl advance sales office, or we can send them by mail.  

Printed materials from the festival are sent foremost by email, often even before they exist materially. We later send the actual printed materials by mail upon request.

I would like to be able to make a priority ticket purchase, but advance sales have already begun. Can I make my contribution valid for next year?

Yes. From the minute general advanced ticket sales start for a given year, it’s possible to enter into a donation contract that applies for the following year.


For tax purposes, a donation contract made in this way this falls under the year in which it was signed!

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