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June 2024
27. June 2024
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This drama about the desire for revenge, amorous passion and political intrigue is an extraordinary work to which it is not easy to find the key. British director David Pountney is one of the great admirers and promoters of Czech opera, who can bring a view that reveals the deepest layers of human drama.

Bedřich Smetana composed his third opera in 1866-67 and 16. On May 1868, he presided over its gala premiere at the New Town Theatre on the occasion of the laying of the foundation stone of the National Theatre.

Co-production with Welsh National Opera.

Presented in Czech with Czech, English and German surtitles.

“I heard the thunderous crash from the nearby mountains,

I’ll be awakened by screams from my sleep: Dalibor!”


venue / Festival Hall

The multifunctional hall was nominated for the European Union's Mies van der Rohe Award for Contemporary Architecture in 2007.

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Svatopluk Sem
Peter  Berger
Csilla  Boross
Daniel Kfelíř
David Szendiuch
Ondřej Koplík
Jana  Šrejma Kačírková
National Theatre Brno
Tomáš Hanus
1,490 / 1,290 / 1,190 / 1,090 CZK
50% discount for health disability cards holders


presale from 27th 4.

Ouverture at 8 p.m., Church of St. Anne
2 intermissions
Estimated end at midnight



Vladislav – Svatopluk Sem
Dalibor – Peter Berger
Milada – Csilla Boross
Budivoj – Daniel Kfelíř
Beneš – David Szendiuch
Vítek – Ondřej Koplík
Jitka – Jana Šrejma Kačírková

Janáček Opera of the National Theatre Brno
Conductor Tomáš Hanus
Directed by David Pountney

frequently asked questions

We want do everything possible to make things easy for people in wheelchairs. Therefore, to purchase tickets, please contact Jitka at nazdravetska@smetanovalitomysl.cz or +420 602 457 338.

Why doesn’t the auditorium plan always start with the front row?
The size of the auditorium depends on the size of the production or the performing ensemble. For example, at the operas, the orchestra takes the place of the first non-elevated rows. The first row is thus row 9 or 10.

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