June 2023
16. June 2023

Top jazz – jazzrock full of joy and musical energy. Original works by Boris Urbánek, and global repertoire

“Jazz is a means of expressing human conflicts and dreams in the language of feelings, in a language that people understand.”

Dave Brubeck


venue / Castle Riding Hall

Due to the golden color of the laminate material that dominates the room’s design – which includes a “tunable” ceiling – the castle’s riding hall has been given the nickname “the Amber Chamber.”

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Boris Band Combination
Jiří Halada
tenor saxofon, EWI
290 / 390 / 490 CZK
50% discount for health disability cards holders


presale from 27th 4.

No intermission 
Estimated end at 10.30 p.m.  



Boris Band Combination:
Boris Urbánek – piano, keyboard 
Michal Žáček – saxophones, flute 
Jan Tengler – saxophones
Vít Štaigl – guitar
Jenny Krompolc – bassguitar
Kristýna Sibinská – drums
and guest 
Jiří Halada – tenor saxophone, EWI

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We want do everything possible to make things easy for people in wheelchairs. Therefore, to purchase tickets, please contact Jitka at nazdravetska@smetanovalitomysl.cz or +420 602 457 338.

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