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It’s possible to purchase VIP tickets for concerts presented in the castle courtyard; they give the holder the right to visit the VIP Center. Festival sponsors are given preference regarding these, but they can be offered to the general public if there is capacity. (For information about offers and pricing please contact this e-mail address:

A Full Service Experience

What is VIP service?

Businesses often use VIP tickets as gifts for important clients and partners. A parking pass is a part of the package so that the advantages begin even before arriving at the castle grounds, where the adjacent streets of Jiráskova and Zámecká are closed to general traffic and become a parking area for VIP guests. They also have their own entrance to the grounds via Jiráskova Ulice Street leading directly to the VIP Center in the former castle brewery. This is open 60 minutes before performances begins; guests can find free refreshments here and explore the center’s art exhibit. The VIP Center is also open during performance intermissions.

Concert Receptions

There are receptions given after certain performances. However, a VIP ticket alone isn’t enough for admission – it’s necessary to present an official invitation to this social event. (For information about offers and pricing please contact this email address:

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