Wheelchairs at the Festival

Buying Tickets

wo to four places are reserved in the festival audiences for wheelchairs in addition to a corresponding number of places nearby for their escorts. However, it isn’t possible to buy or reserve tickets online for use with the 50% discount for holders of disability cards for people in wheelchairs plus their escorts (ZTP/P). It’s necessary to order these by telephone at +420 461 616 070 or by email adress at nazdravetska@smetanovalitomysl.cz

Wheelchair Access to the Festival Audiences

There is wheelchair access to the audience seating in the castle’s courtyard, its riding hall, and the Piarist Church of the Discovery of the Holy Cross; there are wheelchair accessible bathrooms inside the castle grounds. There’s a wheelchair accessible entry to Smetana House on the back side of the building that uses lifting equipment; it’s necessary to contact an organizer at the front of the building. There’s limited access for wheelchairs at certain types of performances in the capitular Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross; it’s necessary to find out this out in advance.

An Evening at Nové Hrady Château

Unfortunately, the grounds of the château at Nové Hrady aren’t accessible to people with wheelchairs. The evening visit, with its program in different parts of the grounds and possibly a third-story ascent in the granary in case of bad weather, is physically demanding and it isn’t at all recommended for individuals with limited mobility.

Contact Jitka to book tickets for wheelchair users:

Jitka Nazdravetská

manažerka prodeje vstupenek
602 457 338

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