Most of the concerts at Smetana’s Litomyšl take place in the courtyard of Litomyšl Castle as open-air, i.e., outdoor, concerts. The atmosphere of a concert on a mild summer evening is incomparable; however, the heavens are not always amenable, and sometimes bad weather affects the program.

Setting Up the Awning

A unique piece of equipment has been built into the courtyard in case of rain or even an unpleasantly hot sun. Within a few minutes, it’s possible to cover almost the entire audience with a canvas awning. Therefore, performances take place under all types of weather; if the rain is very strong and the noise of the raindrops falling on the roof is noticeably disrupting the listening experience, the concert may be interrupted and continued after a forced intermission, or it may happen that the start of the program is pushed back.

Extreme Weather

Performances are either ended prematurely or canceled entirely only if there is exceptionally strong, persistent rain combined with wind. If this happens, the ticket price will be refunded, for more, see this article.

Attention, Section C

• In order to protect the walls of this exceptionally valuable monument from rebounding raindrops, the awning doesn’t cover the courtyard entirely; therefore, rain can fall on the outer areas of the audience. These seats are in the cheapest seating section, and you should be prepared for this scenario if you have tickets here. Ideally, you should have a rain covering, though you can even open an umbrella at the very edges.

We’ll Lend You a Blanket

All guests are allowed to borrow a free blanket from the ushers to ward off the cold. It’s advisable to pick them up at the entry even if the evening seems warm; as night falls and temperatures drop, it’s quite pleasant to wrap yourself up in it.

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