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Last Minute Tickets

At bargain prices...

Even though tickets for most performances are sold out quickly, it happens that some seats become free at the last minute, when it’s no longer possible to reenter them into the standard ticketing system. We offer these available seats for a significantly discounted price to club members.

Or even for free...

We would also like to fill seats that, despite being sold, are still empty because the ticket holders haven’t shown up by the last tone. We offer these places for free to those who are willing to come to the performance and risk not getting a seat or being asked to leave the seat they were given after intermission.

How does the Club work?

Club members can take advantage of special capacity and time limited discounts in the presale system. The discounts are available in their Customer Accounts and if there are any new discounts added, members of the club are noticed in an e-mail.

Customer account

Identification of the member and setting the permissions for purchase in the special segment of the sales system is based on the Customer Account. This can already be set up in the sales app. (We will remind you in due course if necessary.) It is important that the account is registered to the same email address as the customer’s club registration. We will then pair the customer account with the Empty Seats Club registration and the benefits can begin.

How do I find out that discounted seats are offered to club members?

All members will receive an email invitation with a link to purchase in a special segment.

How do I buy in special mode?

Just click on the link that will be emailed to you. If you are logged in to your Customer Account, you can shop straight away. (Alternatively, you will need to log in first.) You will select and purchase your tickets in the same way as in the normal presale. Only in the discount selection you will be able to click on better deals than regular non-member customers. The discounted purchase will then proceed to the payment gateway as usual.

I'm a member of the club, I'm logged in to my Customer Account, but I can't apply the discount.

Please make sure your Customer Account is registered to the same email as your Club membership.
The discount is set by the customer on the selected ticket before payment. If there is no special offer among the discounts, no discount is currently offered for the performance.

Can I return my tickets?

The Empty Seats Club ticket is subject to the Festival Terms and Conditions, so is the refundability: refunds can be made in predefined cases.

Is the sale only online or can I also buy at sales points?

Sales are online only, except for tickets released one hour before the show. Tickets purchased online will be emailed to the customer or can be reserved at the point of sale. (Same as regular tickets.) However, ticket reservations are forfeited one hour before the show starts – tickets so forfeited can be picked up at the evening box office/Festival Center one hour before the show – i.e. on-site.

When do I need to register?

We recommend that you register as soon as possible. It will take some time for it to be processed and matched with your customer account.

The club application form

…is available here.

The Club Application Form

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