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Formal Attire for Classical Music

Even though traditions change over time and aren’t the same around the world, we still hold to the custom of opting to wear formal clothing to classical music concerts, i.e., “Dark Suit.” For men, this means a dark suit with a shirt and tie, while for women, this means a dress or skirt below the knees or multi-piece formal wear. Men should naturally have closed, formal shoes such as oxfords, but women’s choice of shoes is somewhat more complicated. Pumps definitely work as formal shoes, but nearly all of Litomyšl is paved in historic cobblestones with large gaps between them, and the castle courtyard is covered in gravel. If possible, it might be necessary to avoid tall, spiky stiletto-style heels.

Family and Crossover Concerts

At performances for families, concerts that crossover into other genres, afternoon performances for the younger crowd, etc., the dress code requirements aren’t as strict; however, it’s never appropriate to opt for shorts, t-shirts, or shoes intended for athletics or the beach. Guests may not even be allowed into the audience in this type of clothing!

Programs Taking Place Outdoors

For open-air programs taking place in the courtyard of Litomyšl Castle – where, despite the option of an awning, the outdoor environment’s charm still has its disadvantages – or in the Chateau in Nové Hrady, it’s necessary to adjust your clothing to the current weather forecast and possibly even supplement it with a shawl or coat. Even though the organizers will lend you a free blanket upon request, it’s always good to prepare for the descending night chill.

If you’re holding a ticket in Section C, the outer areas of the Litomyšl’s castle courtyard auditorium, you should prepare for rain even when the awning is in use. In light rain, a few drops may fall here, but a storm can cause it to rain quite noticeably in these places. Therefore, it never hurts to bring an umbrella or other rain covering.

You can find out what the weather looks like over Litomyšl currently before visiting the show on pocasi.idnes.cz.

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